Cyclone Road


Saturday, May 10, 2014

3 April 2014: After teaching workshop, I dashed out to find the first of two severe storms west of Denton. The initial supercell produced softball hail along a wide swath north of the University Drive (Highway 380), damaging my own house such that I required a new roof, like hundreds of my neighbors. I chased that storm until Lake Lewisville and lousy vectors caused me to turn back and head for the second one. This one showed a strong velocity couplet for a few scans and seemed determined to produce a tornado as it crossed I-35 toward Denton from Krum. I stayed north of the meso following Loop 288 east and saw the wall cloud wrap in rain over the UNT campus. The storm produced tornadoes near Princeton later.

30 May 2013: Chased in south central Oklahoma. Drove solo. Met up with Bob and pursued storm from near Chickasha with big wall cloud to near I 35 at Purcell. Several attempted tornadoes but none successful, outflow dominant storm. Drop south toward Duncan storm for very photogenic, KH waves. Also ran into Ian Livingston, James Hyde, and Mark Ellinwood again. again.  Dropped to next storm, with the smallest tornado warning ever, a skinny updraft with a wall cloud, where chatted with Aaron Dooley and Eric Byrnes.

23 May 2013: chased Turkey, Texas and met up with Ian and crew. Severe wind event north of Jayton, Texas; perhaps found myself in the outer edge of a circulation. Took cover in a steel reinforced rodeo roof at Girard.

20 May 2013: Saw two tornadoes near Duncan Oklahoma, very close to the first tornado, and a distant view of the second. Elected not to chase storm approaching Moore, Oklahoma because of my strong aversion to metro areas during tornadic events. No regrets. 

May 2013: Near Rozel, Kansas, watched three tornadoes with first-time chase partner Trey Price from Denton. Also joined by Ian Livingston, Mark Ellinwood, and James Hyde from the Washington, DC area on the first day of their 2013 vacation.

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