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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chase Day 8 MAY 2013

Hoped to stay in Texas for this one, but dewpoint spreads drove me to Altus and then Mangum, Oklahoma and finally west into the eastern Texas Panhandle to this storm, south of Memphis. Later shot the backside of a storm farther south, around Snyder.

Chase day 15 APRIL 2013

I left from school without any gear but the iPhone, drove west and caught this storm somewhere near Throckmorten maybe. I don't know. I don't feel compelled to research these chase accounts so exhaustively anymore when it's a low end event. This was very low end. The photo below looks like the storm is producing a tornado, but it's not. That's scud, driven by outflow.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chase day 30 MAY 2012: North Texas

What I remember about this was playing around with highest possible ISO settings on the new camera, more or less after sunset. The Mark ii still rendered some color.

Chase day 29 MAY 2012 - Southwest to Central Oklahoma

Chase day 28 MAY 2012

Chase day 27 MAY 2012

In late May some friends came to the plains and we drove around in search of better storms. With Jason Foster, Ian Livingston, and Mark Ellinwood, I intercepted this storm along the cold front on 27 May 2012. In this image, Ian and Jason are in the foreground.

Chase day 14 APRIL 2012

April 14th was a big day with people chasing all over the place. This is the best image I captured that day, a funnel that was fully extended seconds before, but I was driving fast. That's my primary memory of that day, driving fast all over the place. This image and the next serve only to prove I did in fact participate in storm chasing activities, albeit poorly.

Chase day 13 APRIL 2012

I chased April 13th and 14th somehow, somewhere, probably nearby on the first day and then in Oklahoma on the "big day," which was, for me, a big disappointment. Here's a few from the 13th (the day before the day):

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