Cyclone Road


Friday, July 10, 2009

Photography isn't as prominent in chasing as it was ten or fifteen years ago. This is ironic given the dramatic advances in DSLR technology and processing software, but the emphasis on TV-inspired thrill-seeking has left aesthetics in the dust. The result is a more limited selection of stunning images than you might expect in what turned out to be a good year for many. Yet there are chasers who still value a fine composition over a 2X4 through the sternum, luckily. Here's my favorite three pics from 2009, in chronological order. There are many other great images, as displayed on the current Stormtrack thread by a similar title, but these are the shots I'll remember most.

Dick McGowan's Roll, OK tornado on 4-26-09

Scott Blair's Cedar Hill, TX tornado on 4-29-09

Mike Hollingshed's York, NE structure on 6-17-09

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