Cyclone Road


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Have I waited long enough to kill this blog? I can't feel too badly since I never officially reopened it. The truth is that it's the simplest way to record chase details and photos from the road during tornado season. But I can't promise to keep it updated with any regularity. That said, I appreciate those who've kept reading and/or checking occasionally.

The reason for this post is to mention that my good friend Mike Hollingshead launched a new blog the other day, linked here. Mike's a good writer with strong opinions who also happens to be the most singular and talented photographer in chasing. Widening the category, I'd say he's one of the best landscape artists on the planet right now. His blog and imagery will appeal to chasers and non-chasers alike.

As for me, I'm working on a book and trying to finish before the semester begins. I have 25 days of unfettered writing time remaining, so online housekeeping related to chasing is at the bottom of the list, temporarily. When I send that manuscript off, I'll turn to the missing chase reports from 2008. I don't want to speculate on when this will happen. I can't even give a Bush-esque "aspirational time horizon." Setting a timeframe would only embolden my enemies and let the terrorists to win. I wouldn't want the terrorists to win. They might drink all the Hoegaarden.

The Tulia data article is nearly through the copy-editing and formatting process, according to the journal in which it will be released. I'll post a link the moment it hits the internet(s).

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A few days after the Tulia, Texas tornado, Eric discovered his data-logger and the observations recorded from inside the tornado remained intact, and he turned the full dataset over to meteorologists willing to dissect and analyze what we'd captured. Yesterday those authors received a formal notice of acceptance from the journal after a rigorous peer review process. When the paper is officially published and available, I'll post the information and a link right here. I'm looking forward to the discussion among scientists and chasers which the data might generate.

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