Cyclone Road


Wednesday, April 30, 2003


I've forgotten a very important blog ethic by failing to add any links to these posts. Chalk it up to lack of sleep. I'll make the first one to my chase partner Jeff Lawson's stormchase blog. He's the first chaser that I know of to use a blog for chase-related accounts and updates, and the trend is spreading fast. The flagship of stormchaser media, Stormtrack Magazine, is now blogging on their front page, as well as my friends in Florida, the tornado and hurricane chasing outfit known as Weathervine.

As well, the link to my main stormchase page leads to all the accounts and picture of chases past. But none of that history matters now. It's all about the next four weeks.

Am testing another Blogger feature this morning. I don't know how this post
will look.

At the moment, it looks like some of the pressure is off concerning this
weekend, at least in terms of distance. Friday looks very weak and
Saturday's setup in in SE Kansas, which is closer to Indiana than north
Texas, obviously. So it's not as important that I drive deep into the night
Friday. That helps some. Today I have to fax UNT to send more transcripts
to the IU English Department for my transfer hours, then mail some letters,
take out the trash, and, at some point, it would be really nice to get a

Walt just puked on the carpet in the living, so that's waiting for me. Of
course, right after doing that, he comes into the office and looks at me as
if I'm neglecting him by not filling the food bowl yet this morning. Class
is at 3:30, so I should get going.

Well after little sleep last night I'm already up much too late. As for chase news, it looks like I'll leave here Friday afternoon after turning in grades to the department. Targets for the weekend aren't clear but perhaps NW Texas on Saturday, then the Oklahoma / Kansas border on Sunday. I still need to use velcro to tack down some wires along the center console, and read through the owner's manual of my digital camera again. I'm going to take that thing out and shoot with it tomorrow too, for a little practice. I'll post the results here. Okay, too tired to make sense. Later.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Testing Cyclone Road
Okay the test message is lame since I gave all of you the URL, so, what can I say at 4:00 AM? I have seven student conferences tomorrow then a three-hour class, the teacher of which wants to take us to dinner afterwards. So I'm going to be one cranky SOB tomorrow. Why didn't I build my fancy blog in February, when I only left the apartment once? I don't know.

Somebody should chase SE Nebraska on Wednesday. I'm going to bed.

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