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Sunday, January 07, 2007

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Road Closed

This post has waited in my queue since October. I've hesitated to publish it because I always think to myself, 'It's the off-season. Of course you're not posting to a chase blog.'

Yet months later I still think this blog's time is up. There are dozens of great chasing blogs these days, unlike when Cyclone Road first appeared in 2003. Some post real-time chaser locations via GPS while others focus on digital photography or hardcore forecasting from real meteorologists. I've always been a generalist in chasing: not a great photographer, an okay forecaster but strictly an amateur, and less of a techno-whiz each year.

I'll continue to write about chasing in other forums and formats. In this space, however, I'm liable to start repeating myself. One thing I’ve found in old issues of Stormtrack Magazines and various online archives is that the same topics recycle each year. This is a good thing since those conversations are always new to somebody out there. My opinions on all matters chase-related, while not original or particularly noteworthy, have the virtue of being well-known: a pretty basic search through this blog or Stormtrack or even WX-CHASE yields about everything I have. There isn't much left to say.

Thanks to those who have offered both encouragement and criticism. I’ll see many of you under a rain free base sometime soon.

Amos Magliocco
January 2007

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